HID® iCLASS® RW300 Reader/Writer 6111

HID® iCLASS® RW300 Reader/Writer 6111


iCLASS® smart card reader/writers and cards make access control and read/write applications more powerful, more versatile, and most importantly, offer enhanced security through encryption and mutual authentication.

At the same time, iCLASS is user-friendly, delivering the convenience, affordability and reliability of proximity technology, for which HID is known worldwide.

Using the 13.56 MHz technology platform, the iCLASS RW300 contactless smart card reader/writer combines the longer read range of proximity with the power and heightened security of smart card technology.

Supporting smart card read/write applications, the RW300 reads/writes user data to HID iCLASS credentials that offer either 2k bit (256 Byte) or 16k bit (2k Byte) of data storage.

Smart card read/write applications include IT secure authentication, biometric template storage, digital cash, time and attendance, equipment/material use or checkout and transit passes. Featuring crisp architectural styling, the smart card reader/writer has an elegantly curved faceplate. The high intensity, three-color light bar provides clear, visual feedback even in direct sunlight. Selectable, distinct tone sequences indicate status conditions.


Typical Maximum Read Range*
2-3.0″ (5.0-7.6 cm) with HID iCLASS® Card
1″ (2.5 cm) with HID iCLASS Key
1″ (2.5 cm) with HID iCLASS Tag
1.5-2.0″ (3.8-5.0 cm) with HID iCLASS Prox
1-2″ (2.5-5.0 cm) with MIFARE Card (serial number only)*Using ISO 15693 mode (except MIFARE).
Dependent upon installation conditions.
Please note that all iCLASS credentials are available in either a 2k bit (256 Byte) or 16k bit (2k Byte) configuration.


3.30″ x 3.30″ x .75″ (8.38 cm x 8.38 cm x 1.91 cm)

Card Compatability
The iCLASS RW300 reader is compatible with all iCLASS credentials. The reader is versatility allows it to read credentials meeting several ISO standards:

  • 15693 – read/write; 2k bit (256 Byte), 16k bit (2k Byte) and 32k bit (4k Byte) iCLASS credentials
  • 14443A – read only; MIFARE (serial number)
  • 14443B – read only CSNWarranty


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