DigitalPersona Workstation

The Microsoft Windows operating systems require all users to log on to the computer with a valid account to access local and network resources. A user is authenticated through implementing a logon process. After a user is authenticated, authorization and access control technologies further protect resources by determining if the authenticated user is authorized to access a resource. DigitalPersona® Workstation is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and up (32bit and 64bit) offering advanced multi-factor authentication for enterprises and especially remote users. Balancing security and usability, the solution employs one of the widest arrays of authentication factors in the industry including contactless (RFID) cards and biometrics.


DP Workstation enabled with our desktop readers have the following benefits:
– Human-proofed end-to-end solution
– Strong authentication beyond passwords
– Increased security with multi-factor authentication
– Supports broad selection of authentication form factors
– Fast deployment and easy integration with your existing IT infrastructure

We believe that by combining a selected group of Omnikey Readers and DigitalPersona Fingerprint Readers with DigitalPersona Workstation will create traction in use cases where customer is looking to secure end points
– Ability to provide a turnkey solution vs just hardware components
– Possibility to upsell full DigitalPersona solution (including backend) with these customers in the future.

How does it work?

1. User taps their contactless access card (e.g. Seos®) to enter the building and also works remotely when credential is already assigned

2. User accesses their PC Desktop or Laptop

3. User presents the card to a reader (e.g. HID® OMNIKEY® 5427 CK)

4. User presents their fingerprint to a biometric reader (e.g. HID® EikonTouch® 510 Fingerprint Reader or HID® EikonTouch® 710 Fingerprint Reader)

5. User logon access granted

Fingerprint only (i.e. DigitalPersona 4500 readers)

RFID or Contact cards (i.e. OMNIKEY 5022 + Crescendo cards)



Any combination of factors listed above for MFA, etc.

About Workstation


A special ‘limited version’ of DigitalPersona Workstation is now available to work stand-alone mode (no server). Free of charge.
What’s included:
- Windows Logon with most of authentication methods (excluding the ones that require back end support)
- Local Password Manager
- License is limited to 10 workstations per end customer
- Customer will be given a special download area to accept the terms and download the DigitalPersona Workstation ‘limited edition’

Process to obtain access to software

1. Customer has to sign EULA for Digital Persona Workstation (print & sign document)
2. Partner provides signed EULA (PDF) to their EAT regional sales & inside sales representative, along with customer name & email address.
3. Access for customer to download DP Workstation will be issued via email with link

Technical Support

- Extended Access BU will not be in position to support full scale engagement with DigitalPersona solution to customers – i.e. manage the delivery, Maintenance & Support etc.
- For customers where there is an opportunity to extend the use of DigitalPersona beyond 10 workstation license and back-end support, our partners can engage directly with our Identity & Access Management Business Unit


Enroll a Card

Unlock using a Card

Login with Contactless Card

Lock upon Card Removal

Card Lock Configuration


Enroll a Finger

Login with Fingerprint

Unlock using Fingerprint


Enable MFA using Finger Card

MFA with fingerprint and password

MFA to Unlock Using FP and Password

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