Codeks AC

Access Control SOFTWARE

Codeks AC is an advanced web-based access control software, which is intended for users who want to build a  ore complex system with high security protocol across multiple locations with larger numbers of users and doors. Codeks AC can function with any number of readers or users. It supports 24 or more hour work shift, and enables the following actions: IP-camera image capture, fingerprint reading for verification or identification, monitoring users and visitors on layouts, the exporting of data to text files, programming of macro orders for advanced users and much more. The monitor function displays events in real time and the picture of the user who triggered the event.

  • Fully-featured, highly reliable and extremely cost effective web-based software for advanced access control.
  • Controls multiple lines of communication.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Unlimited number of locations.
  • Supports multiple access controllers.
  • Multiple timetables, groups of users, administrators.
  • The possibility of limiting the rights of administrators.
  • Administration operations are recorded and can be reported.
  • Editing of macro commands.
  • Access to all hardware’s setup parameters.
  • Advanced features, e.g. extended door unlock times for people with disabilities.
  • Employee information can be directly input or imported from Active Directory.
  • Multiple cards/pins can be issued to each user.
  • Live events monitor.
  • Users’ names can be imported from .csv or Excel files.
  • Events history.
  • Past events reports and filtering.
  • Multiple reports, e.g. access rights and system activity.
  • Language can be switched according to the system administrator.
  • The possibility of upgrading with Modules & Apps (IP Camera, Layouts, FronDesk, …).


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